Making Magic Happen From Artisan to Artist

Gibson Les Paul

To watch the craftsmanship of a specialized guitar being recreated sounds intriguing to me. It would be in tune (pun fully intended) to witnessing a work of passion in the crafting of what is to become an instrument for the artists sound of music.

With that being said, I imagine and intend this witnessing of the creation of a masterpiece coming from the Gibson Custom Shop. The “dream factory” of the legendary manufacturer, Gibson.

This is what comes to mind while looking at a page full of beautiful Gibson guitars that, from the eye of an interested non-musician, unless specifically noted as reissues, must be originals. You can see that they take attention to detail very seriously for each guitar that looks to be created to perfection. Craftsmanship at its finest.

How are they able to craft such fine instruments from another time? Perhaps it’s like time traveling for the collectors and artists who may have the original. If the craftspeople have access to the original then, with skill, ingenuity, and passion, they should be able to create a masterpiece as good as or perhaps even better than ever before.

Where the magic happens at first in the shop and then from the heart and soul of the player And in this way, perhaps craftspeople and artists will have the feeling of eternity. As if time doesn’t exist.

I find it truly amazing how something so meticulously crafted can create so many different sounds with the gift of the player who touches and strokes the instrument, making it come alive. This is the energy of love from artisan to artist with passion for their crafts using their gifted hands and fingers.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Producing Music With Passion

The musicians who will know where to find the right production tools that will get their music producing business in high gear as they are doing what they are passionate about are those who take their music seriously. With serious joy. It takes a good ear to know what is the right sound. What did the music industry do before computers became such an important aspect of the production of music?

Technology continues to expand and evolve. New software programs are continuously being created to keep up with the hardware. I’m sure there is many different types and brands of production software for music. The question is, which is best for what is desired to create great music? Do they go by their intuition as much as what they hear?

Asking questions and from experience what to choose for the best sound for when they are playing for a larger audience as opposed to a few friends can be highly beneficial. And so is using one’s intuition.

The Magic of Tones in a Box

I think I’m getting deeper into the production of music. I’ve just done some research and here we go again. Just looking at a photo of a line 6 hd400 doesn’t give a non-musican such as I much information. I look at it and wonder what it is for. Now I know that it’s all about tone.

Anyone can learn anything with the deep desire to do so. Getting the right tones with this will take some time and creativity. If you’re doing what you love to do, then it’ll make whatever it is a lot more fun. Whatever your passion is, should be fun, don’t you think? When it’s fun, then it’s play rather than work.

I had no idea that the tones that we may be hearing so much in music is created from a box. Or what looks like a box. It’s a box packed with a lot of creative possibilities. It’s up to the artist to make magic with it and to bring it to life.