With Gray Wolves Alive Biodiversity & Ecosystems Can Thrive



The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to set in motion the delisting of most of the gray wolves across the country. With the exception of those in the Southwest. What harm will this do?

Defenders of Wildlife says:

Our greatest concern is that by moving forward with this nationwide delisting proposal, the Service is leaving wolves entirely at the mercy of anti-wolf politicians in the states.


Friday morning I woke up with two questions on my mind about wolves. Just as human beings have a purpose for being here on Earth, the same is true for other living beings. I want to know what purpose does the gray wolf play in our universe that has made it so imperative to have them be put on the endangered species list.

Howling for Wolves says:

Grey wolves help maintain the health of the ecosystem by culling out weakened prey species including beaver, deer, muskrats, rabbit and other animals.

Matt Skoglund from Switchboard – Natural Resources Defense Council Taff Blog says:

“Wolves Increase Biodiversity And Greatly Benefit The Ecosystems They Inhabit.”

“Wolves matter.”

“They lead to more songbirds. Better trout habitat. More game birds. Less insects. Better soil. Fewer coyotes. Wilder elk. More aspen trees.”

“Wolves, in essence, are key to a healthy landscape.”



National Science Foundation says:


“No wolves, no beavers.” (“The missing link”).

“The loss of wolves caused far-reaching changes in the Yellowstone ecosystem: more elk and fewer willows. With no willows to slow stream flow, creeks flowed faster and faster. Beavers prefer slow-moving waters, so they disappeared with the willows.”


Yes, they are dangerous predators, but if it’s such a rarity (and even if not) that they attack humans, then should humans be given the opportunity to kill at will? I don’t think so. If something can be done to prevent wolves from wandering in living areas where there is that chance for a human to encounter a wolf, then it should be done. The question is, “What?”


Wolves are one of the most beautiful animals in my eyes. Speaking of eyes. I’m always in awe when I see a wolf (on TV or in photos) with eyes a lighter shade of blue then the blue topaz gemstone. More of a blue-ish white.


With that being said, while wolves in general are beautiful creatures of the wild, what matters more is what they do for our beautiful Earth.


Keeping wolves safe from extinction has the potential to save the lives of other animals and plant life.

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